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Come and enjoy the inspirational surroundings and the beautifully constructed studio where you will have everything you need to start—and finish—the project you’ve always dreamed of doing. Acoustically primed and equipped for optimum sound and excellent vibes.

The Central Coast has a lot to offer. Hills, mountains, and the beach down the road are perfect for chilling out and relaxing. The local nightlife and hospitality options are for every budget and taste.

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Enrich your recording project

Escape the ordinary and change up your routine by heading to a place on the coast that will enrich your life and your recording projects. Here, prices are reasonable and the locals are friendly.

Robbo Music is the perfect recording studio for every music talent who needs to make professional recordings. The Central Coast is a hidden jewel of the California music scene where music is still made with blood, sweat, tears, and a lotta heart.

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Gear head alert

The equipment available at Robbo Music is sure to impress and inspire even the most seasoned musician. Available to the recording artist are high-end preamps, top monitoring and a Protools system with numerous plugins, top microphones such as Neumann, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Audix, and Earthworks.

Musicians will always bring their own gear and amps, but the following is available to use here at the studio: Kawai Grand Piano, Wurlitzer piano, midi keyboards, lots of guitars and basses, Fender and Ampeg amps, and various percussion instruments.


I've mastered 6 or 7 album's Rob's produced, each wildly different stylistically, all eminently 'masterable'. Aside from being well played, recorded and mixed, the biggest plus to all these projects have been the arrangements, the orchestrations, the excellent use of space.

From a mastering point of view it makes my job easy and fun. I work on music, not problem solving, with Rob's projects. I don't know grisly details about the projects I've mastered but my sense is, sometimes he takes a forward role guiding, arranging, helping an artist wrangle the beast, other times he sits back and takes a hand-off approach.

All projects require a different touch, a different tact, a different degree of involvement and that's what I sense Rob is best at - figuring out what's best for a project, whether heavy-handed or staying out of the way. I'm honored he puts his trust in me.

Mark Fuller Mastering - Sebastopol, CA

As a singer/band leader in the wonderful world of indie rock, I’ve spent literally decades working in recording studios. More often than not, when one steps into a studio, there is an immediate power struggle at work, followed by the realization that the person at the mixing desk either doesn’t understand what you’re trying to do, or maybe does vaguely understand, yet sadly can’t achieve it.

As a truly versatile engineer and producer, Rob cheerfully shatters this paradigm. How does he do that? In addition to his skills behind the board, the key is that Rob is a musician himself – not in the DIY/anyone can play guitar sense, but in the session-player sense of being able to craft the appropriate part in a way that serves the song. Miraculously, he can do this in pretty much any style of music as well. Recording with Rob can therefore help you realize your vision in a fraction of the time it normally takes. And when you jump back into your car, you’ll be listening to a professional and fully realized master recording that you’ll be proud to share with the world.

So, take it from a veteran rocker who’s been living on the Central Coast for several years – if you want to record music that’s important to you, this is the guy you want to call.

Peter Quinnel - (The Flower Machine), Los Osos, CA

Rob Vermeulen came alongside me and helped me fulfill a lifelong dream of recording a CD of my own songs. He has incredible musical skill and experience plus insight so that he knew how to arrange my songs so that they sounded like ‘me’.

And he was such a cheerleader when I would get nervous and weepy and insecure in his studio! I say these are all top qualities in a producer. Because i was safe with him, we worked so well together and had a lot of fun-which ultimately leads to creativity and good sounds!

I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and hope to have the chance to again!

Kathy S. - Nashville, TN

Making my album with Rob was a great experience. He wasn’t only a great producer and musician (adding guitar, bass and vocals) but also helped me define my vision and make it a reality. He also has a perfect combination of being relaxed and goal-driven, keeping us on track while never making anyone feel rushed or pressured.

Absolutely recommend him!

Melynda - Utrecht, The Netherlands

I have recorded a six-song EP and a 10-song album with Rob in the last two years. Working with Rob is an absolute pleasure. He provides a process that is a perfect balance of creative exploration and efficiency. He's always open to production ideas, and he has an excellent sense of what a song calls for, making collaboration a breeze.  Not only is Rob a fabulous producer and engineer, he's a phenomenal musician, adding impeccable bass and guitar tracks as needed.  He's always prepared for studio sessions, so there's very little downtime.

Susan Ritchie - Arroyo Grande, CA

Just finished a 12 song instrumental record with Rob. Wonderful engineering, playing and production. Had a great time, and the album is beautiful! His wife Lee Ann also does artwork/painting and created my cover art.

Sam Scott - Nashville, TN

I can't say enough good things about working with Rob Vermeulen and recording with him at his studio. With Rob you get the best of both worlds: An excellent musician AND recording engineer. Whether you're new to recording (as I was) or experienced, Rob will make you feel comfortable, capable and will help you achieve the best sound you've got to give. We're so lucky to have him on the Central Coast!

John Robbins - Los Osos, CA

I have worked with Rob on several occasions and all I can say is SLO is SO very blessed to have this guy in the area! He knows his stuff - he turns my half baked ideas into pro creations. His musicality is off the chain and he never overpowers my ideas, only enhances them. He is swift and professional always delivering above and beyond my expectations. And he's a SUPER great human who is passionate about making high quality music. If you are a musician needing that bridge between your brilliant ideas and getting it done, Rob is your man.

Shawna M. - Morro Bay, CA

Working with Rob is a musical feast. He gave me the freedom as an artist to fully blossom while recording, while at the same time he came with new creative musical ideas that I didn’t think of, or that were beyond my imagination.

The result was in my case a very deep and natural sound, full of life, that I could never have dreamed of. Apart from that Rob is a gifted musician, has a very good ear, he’s honest in a friendly way when songs work, and when they don’t.

But most of all: I still feel the joy in my heart while thinking of the first recordings I made with him, 4 years ago.

Paul Cherryseed - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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