Track Genre Tags BPM Key Mood
Slow Down Ambient Instrumental,Organic,Earthy 60 E Rustic,Foreboding,Haunting
Can't Handle Me Pop Singer-Songwriter,Female vocal 105 D Boisterous,Fun
Back to LA Rock Soft Rock,Adult Contemporary 84 Emin Weary,Resolute
Remembering Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - Gmin Calm,Earthy
A Million Questions Country Country-pop, Male vocal 84 G Nostalgic,Sentimental
Not Here in the Now Pop Vocal Pop,Singer-Songwriter 72 C Longing,Trippy
White Cloud Pop Psychedelic,60's 109 E Mellow
Clava Cairns International Celtic, Celtic New Age, Nostalgic, Piano, Orchestral, Instrumental 54 Amin Fantasy,Lush
Neon Moon Country Country Pop,Cover,Kacey Musgraves 103 D# Sad,Lonely
I Want Hip-hop/Rap Female Rap 85 D Passionate,Sensual
Let This Be Real Blues SInger-Songwriter,Female Vocal 105 E Sultry,Sensual
First Kiss Jazz Instrumental,Smooth Jazz,Piano,Soft,Chill Out,Film Score,Soundtrack 88 Gmin Mellow,Mysterious
Second Best Pop Singer Songwriter,Love Songs 74 Fmin Bitter,Lonely
Mandarin Dance/Electronic Dance,Vocal 134 Gmin Electronic,Intense,Passionate
Home For Tea Pop Psychedelic,60's 120 A Uplifting
Ebb and Flow Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - Emin Longing,Peaceful,Sanctuary
Mystic Mantra Ambient Instrumental,New Age,Calming,Meditational,Relaxing,Soundscapes - Amin Calm,Meditative
Heartless Pop Boy Band,Indie Pop,Dream Pop 75 A# Self-conscious,Summery
Gorgeous Dance/Electronic Instrumental 134 G#min Electronic,Energetic,Powerful
The Game Rock Adult Contemporary,Eighties 75 C Sentimental,Energetic
Somewhere Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - D Suspense,Gentle,Graceful
Intercity Windmills Pop Psychedelic,60's 112 F Peaceful,Sweet,Tranquil
Ambidextrous Dance/Electronic Instrumental 140 Ebmin Electronic,Cinematic,Evolving
Friend Lost Jazz Instrumental,Acoustic,Soundtrack,Smooth Jazz 76 D Mellow,Nostalgic
What About US Pop Female Vocal, Empowering, Uplifting,Cover,Pink 114 G# Dramatic,Passionate
Tomorrow Pop Singer Songwriter,Adult Contemporary 84 F# Melancholy,Sad,Longing
6068 Days R&B Female torch,Adult Contemporary 70 C Sensual,Yearning
JokesOn Rock Soft Rock,Adult Contemporary,Nineties 68 E Bitter,Melancholy
Awakening Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - Gmin Sad,Poignant,Ominous
The Heart Has a Mind of Its Own Blues SInger-Songwriter,Female Vocal 90 Gmin Smooth,Street smart,Sultry
Painting Black Rainbows Pop Psychedelic,60's 96 G Romantic,Haunting
Gonna Be A Long Night Country Folk,Piano,Singer-Songwriter 63 C Apprehensive,Nostalgic
Sunset Beachwalk Jazz Instrumental,Soundtrack,Smooth 49 C Mellow,Reflective
Nothing Pop Singer Songwriter 47 A#min Sad,Longing,Lonely
One Too Many Pop Boy Band,Indie Pop,Dream Pop 168 G Upbeat,Carefree
Waiting For The Wave Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - D Organic,Sanctuary,Peaceful
Down Here Rock Pop-Rock 79 D Street Smart,Wry,Dramatic
LedX Rock Instrumental,Rock,Soundtrack,Guitar 90 E Swaggering,Streetsmart
Cloudy Day Blues SInger-Songwriter,Female Vocal 65 B Sultry,Smooth,Earthy
Until We Meet Again Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - D Peaceful,Tender,Tranquil
Song for Erin Ambient Instrumental,Celtic,Celtic Pop 75 Amin Somber
Lowlands Jazz Instrumental,Dreamy,Soundtrack 80 G Calm,Relaxed
Shut it Off Pop Vocal Pop,Singer-Songwriter 72 F Sad,Longing,Healing
My City (Featuring Sabac Red) R&B Female Vocal,New York 80 Cmin Smooth,Celebratory
The Tides Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - E Calm,Organic
Stargazing Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - A Bleak,Sweet,Tender
Let it out Rock Adult Contemporary,Eighties 70 F Sentimental
Stoked Rock Instrumental,Soundtrack 138 Emin Energetic,Danger
Listen To the Colors Pop Psychedelic,60's 133 E Threatening,Menacing,Suspense
How Many Miles Blues SInger-Songwriter,Female Vocal 88 A Longing,Sad
Her Love for Me Jazz Instrumental,Meditational 46 C Calm,Relaxed
Happy Thoughts Pop Instrumental,Folky,Kids Vocals 134 G Upbeat,Happy
None to Give Rock Singer-Songwriter,Indie Pop,Nineties 78 Emin Angst,Lonely
Neon Mushroom Cloud Pop Psychedelic,60's 112 E Ghostly,Haunting,Ominous,Weird
Sailing Home Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - A Delicate,Light
That Ain't Love Blues SInger-Songwriter,Female Vocal 70 Cmin Wry,Organic
Promise Pop Singer Songwriter,Contemporary Christian 75 G Optimistic,Uplifting
With You Pop Vocal Pop,Singer-SongwriterVocal Pop,Singer-Songwriter 60 A Whistful,Sweet,Tender
Mr. Mixed Signals R&B Female Vocal, Empowering 116 Bmin Smooth,Playful
Till the End of TIme Rock Pop-Rock 68 E Familiar,Gentle,Romantic
Say Goodnight Rock Indie Rock,Adult Contemporary,Ninenties 74 A Passionate,Sensual
No Apologies Rock Alt-Rock 65 E Trippy,Swaggering
Christmas at Home Pop Vocal Pop, Singer-Songwriter,Christmas,Kids vocals 120 G# Happy,Upbeat
New Times, New Moves Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - C Peaceful,Organic,Foreboding
Cosmo Kitty Jazz Soundtrack,Upbeat,Smooth,Instrumental 116 C#min Smooth,Upbeat,Happy
Not Alone Rock Indie Pop,Nineties 65 Bmin Melancholy,Sad,Longing
Moonlight On The Bay Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - D Romantic,Longing
I Saw Her Name Pop Psychedelic,60's 138 A Nostalgic,Trippy,Sixties
The Power of Love R&B SInger-Songwriter,Female Vocal 130 Amin Fun,Empowering,Swaggering
Time Pop Singer Songwriter,Love Songs 75 C Romantic,Earnest
Montaña de Oro Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - C# Healing,Nostalgic
Late Night Conversations Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - A Tranquil,Longing,Light
Good Things Coming Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - A Light,Peaceful,Tender
Where Are You Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - Dmaj7 Sad,Lonely
Sun is Rising Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - Emin Peaceful,Content,Calm
Return To Me Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - D Sad,Lonely
Quietly, Deeply Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - A Tender,Peaceful,Gentle
Once Again Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - G Sad,Poignant
Morning Mist Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack - D Calm,Light,Longing
Goodnight Kiss Ambient Instrumental, Solo Piano, Soundtrack 75 C Soft,Tender
Baywood Ambient Smooth,Soundtrack,Instrumental 88 E Relaxed,Carefree,Nostalgic
The Storm Pop Indie Pop,Singer-Songwriter 100 G Determined,Folksy,Earnest,Flowing
Another Day Pop Indie Pop,Singer-Songwriter,Cello 86 Eb Distant,Gentle,Poignant,Yearning
Foundations Pop Indie Pop,Singer-Songwriter,Cello 59 A# Contemplative,Somber,Touching,Expressive
Cruising Pop Indie Pop,Singer-Songwriter 78 A Bold,Driving,Eccentric,Searching
See Through Pop Indie Pop,Singer-Songwriter 58 D# Bright,Imaginative,Thoughtful,Dreamy
Home Pop Indie Pop,Singer-Songwriter 71 F#m Energetic,Intense,Powerful
The Old Projector Dance/Electronic Instrumental 108 F#min Electronic,Cinematic,Hopeful
SelfReflexion Dance/Electronic Instrumental 105 Amin Electronic,Groovy,Beautiful
Renaissance Dance/Electronic Instrumental 126 Amin Epic,Energetic,Powerful
Punch Me Dance/Electronic Instrumental 70 Emin Electronic,Groovy,Dark
Neon Lights Dance/Electronic Instrumental 60 C Electronic,Dreamy,Beautiful
Light Trap Ambient Instrumental - G# Ambient,Cinematic,Beautiful
Laguna Dream Ambient Instrumental 130 F Ambient,Beautiful,Mesmerizing
Iianova Dance/Electronic Dance,Vocal 130 Bbmin Indian,Electronic,Mesmerizing
Future of Entertainment Dance/Electronic Instrumental 90 C#min Electronic,Groovy,Evolving
Floating Pop Vocal 90 Gmin Soft,Dark,Beautiful
Birth of an Industry Dance/Electronic Instrumental 120 F#min Electronic,Groovy,Evolving
The One Hip-hop/Rap Soulful 64 Cmin Sexy,Lush,Romantic,Urban
Make My Day Hip-hop/Rap Youthful,Brass 69 Amin Agressive,Booming,Marching
Riding For You Hip-hop/Rap Reggae 84 C# Fun,Funky,Positive
Stages Hip-hop/Rap Nylon String Guitar 96 Dmin Heartfelt,SlickSoulful,Melodic,Spiritual
Magic Hip-hop/Rap Youthful 110 Dmin Energetic,Light Hearted,Funky
Hold On Hip-hop/Rap Youthful 85 E Light Hearted,Optimistic